Testing Schema.org output formats

Part of my efforts working with Google in support of the Schema.org structured web data vocabulary, its extensions, usage and implementation, is to introduce new functionality and facilities on to the Schema.org site.

I have recently concluded a piece of work to improve accessibility to the underlying definition of vocabulary terms in various data formats, which is now available for testing and comment.

Hidden Gems in the new Schema.org 3.1 Release

I spend a significant amount of time working on the supporting software, vocabulary contents, and application of Schema.org. So it is with great pleasure, and a certain amount of relief, I share the release of Schema.org 3.1 and share some hidden gems you find in there.

Evolving Schema.org in Practice Pt3: Choosing Where to Extend

OK. You have read the previous posts in this series. You have said to yourself I only wish that I could describe [insert you favourite issue here] in Schema.org. You are now inspired to do something about it, or get together with a community of colleagues to address the usefulness of Schema.org for your area of interest. Then comes the inevitable question: Where do I focus my efforts – the core vocabulary or a Hosted Extension or an External Extension?

Evolving Schema.org in Practice Pt1: The Bits and Pieces

I am often asked by people with ideas for extending or enhancing Schema.org how they go about it.  These requests inevitably fall into two categories – either ‘How do I decide upon and organise my new types & properties and relate them to other vocabularies and ontology’ or ‘now I have my proposals, how do I test, share, and submit them to the Schema.org community?’

I touch on both of theses areas in a free webinar I recorded for DCMI/ASIS&T a couple of months ago.  It is in the second in a two part series Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension .  The first part covers the history of Schema.org and the development of extensions.  That part is based up on my experiences applying and encouraging the use of Schema.org with bibliographic resources, including the set up and work of the Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group – bibliographically focused but of interest to anyone looking to extend Schema.org.

The focus of this post is in answering the now I have my proposals, how do I test, share, and submit them to the Schema.org community?