About Data Liberate

Data Liberate was established as the culmination of over a decade’s experience in the evolution of networked computing, data publishing, and the the Web.  Founder Richard Wallis‘ mission is to help people and organisations become aware of, and then take beneficial advantage of, new techniques and technologies applicable to data and the value it contains.

Experience within the leading Semantic Web Technology organisation, Talis and its subsidiaries in the library,  consulting, and data marketplace sectors, identified the need for honest, unbiased, help and support for organisations wishing to benefit from these new, Web influenced, technologies.

Data Liberate is here to help you navigate through the ever increasing forrest of buzzwords and technologies such as Open Data, Linked Data, Enterprise Data, Big Data, Social Data, Structured Data, Semantic Web, Web of Data, Knowledge Graphs,  Semantic Search, Schem.org, Linked Data Vocabularies, …

Data Liberate is here to demystify the use of technical terms such as Cloud Computing, Schema-less  Databases, Triple Stores, RDF, RDFa, Microdata, schema.org, SPARQL…

Data Liberate is here to evangelise the real benefits that these techniques and technologies can bring to individuals and organisations in all sectors.

Data Liberate is here to cut through the technological gobbledegook and simply identify the value in your data and how you can release it.

Data Liberate is here to help you pragmatically apply leading techniques and technologies in an achievable  way to deliver benefit.

Data Liberate is here to provide advice, guidance, evaluation, training, consultancy services, writing, podcasting, conference keynotes and presentations.

Data Liberate is here to help and inform – contact us to explore how.