Training and Education

Flexible and tailored courses to introduce you and your team to the concepts and practice of applying Structured Data and to your environment.

From 1-2-1 sessions, team group workshops, and introductory presentations, to structured courses, conference presentations, and pre-conference workshops, tailoring to individual requirements is core to Data Liberate training and education services.

Many industry professionals have heard of and Structure Data, but most are unaware of its history and underpinning principles. Wielding a new technology tool without understanding the principles behind it can often lead to a time consuming lack of results.

Topics covered can include the strategic:

  • Why are search engines requesting Structured Data
  • How can it be used to improve my brand and discoverability

… the practical:

  • How to markup your organisation, services and products
  • How to efficiently insert markup into your pages

… and the more advanced:

  • Building a local Knowledge Graph
  • How to become authoritative on the web
  • How to apply these techniques to enterprise services

From an educational chat with the CEO/CIO/Marketing to hands-on interaction with your developers, Data Liberate can help with understanding and application of Structured Data and

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