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Liberating business, social, economic, enterprise, and financial value from data of all types delivers benefits to the media, governments, commerce, academia and individuals. Data Liberate, and its founder Richard Wallis, focus on introducing, simplifying, and demystifying, these often superficially complex techniques and technologies.

Advice, guidance, evaluation, training, consultancy services, writing, podcasting, conference keynotes and presentations are some of the ways that Data Liberate can help you and your organisation identify and release value from your data, within the enterprise and on the public Web of Data

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Bibliographic Records in a Knowledge Graph of Shared Systems

My recent presentations at SWIB23 (YouTube), and the Bibframe Workshop in Europe, attracted many questions; regarding the how, what, and most importantly the why, of the unique cloud-based Linked Data Management & Discovery System (LDMS) we developed, in partnership with metaphacts and Kewmann, in a two year project for the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB). Several of the answers were technical in nature. However, somewhat surprisingly they were mostly grounded in what could best be described as business needs, such as: Let me explore those a little… ✤ Seamless Knowledge Graph integration of records stored, and managed in separate

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From MARC to BIBFRAME and in a Knowledge Graph

The MARC ingestion pipeline is one of four pipelines that keep the Knowledge Graph, underpinning the LDMS, synchronised with additions, updates, and deletions from the many source systems that NLB curate and host.

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Library Metadata Evolution: The Final Mile

When arrived on the scene I thought we might have arrived at the point where library metadata  could finally blossom; adding value outside of library systems to help library curated resources become first class citizens, and hence results, in the global web we all inhabit.  But as yet it has not happened.

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Something For Archives in

The recent release of the vocabulary (version 3.5) includes new types and properties, proposed by the W3C Schema Architypes Community Group, specifically target at facilitating the web sharing of archives data to aid discovery. When the Group, which I have the privilege to chair, approached the challenge of building a proposal to make useful for archives, it was identified that the vocabulary could be already used to describe the things & collections that you find in archives.  What was missing was the ability to identify the archive holding organisation, and the fact that an item is being held

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Bibframe – – Chocolate Teapots

In a session at the IFLA WLIC in Kuala Lumpur – my core theme being that there is a need to use two [linked data] vocabularies when describing library resources — Bibframe for cataloguing and [linked] metadata interchange — for sharing on the web for discovery.

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The latest release of (3.4) includes some significant enhancements for those interested in marking up tourism, and trips in general.

For tourism markup two new types TouristDestination and TouristTrip have joined the already useful TouristAttraction

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The Three Linked Data Choices for Libraries

We are [finally] on the cusp of establishing a de facto Linked Data approach for libraries and their system suppliers – not there yet but getting there.

We have a choice between BIBFRAME 2.0,, Linky MARC and doing nothing.

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