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Independent consultant and evangelist for structured and linked data on the web. Chair of several W3C community groups focused on extending the capabilities of the vocabulary. Working with Google, leading library system providers, libraries, the banking & tourism industries on the technical and strategic application of and linked data.

Richard has been at the forefront of library, Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data technologies for over 25 years. He has a reputation for insightful, thought provoking yet understandable, and entertaining keynote sessions at major Data, Web, Semantic Web, and library focused conferences and events.

Richard provides services from strategic consultancy and training at a senior level to practical guidance and hands on training for developers in any sector – government, commercial, academic, for the pragmatic application of structured web data techniques and technologies. He believes in pursuing implementable solutions for the benefit and discoverability of organisations and their resources, whilst improving the utility and usability of the web for both consumers and providers of information.

As an independent, Richard has flexibility and lack of commercial ties, that enables him to tailor his engagement to suit the particular needs of individual organisations. This can range from introductory overviews to new technologies and their strategic potential impact for senior executives, through to participating in an guiding teams on longer term implementation projects for applications and web services.

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