Data Liberate has been established to help you identify and then realise the value in your data, and data publicly available on the Web.  In simple terms the services that Data Liberate, and where appropriate our partner organisations, provide can be summed up as “whatever is appropriate”.

Examples of available services can be grouped as follows:

Introduction to new techniques and technologies

  • Conference Keynote, Presentations and Panels
    Building on founder Richard Wallis‘ wealth of experience and reputation we can provide and/or organise scene setting and inspirational Keynote sessions into general technology, and industry sector, focused conference programmes, themes, and tracks.
  • Seminars and Events
    Organisation, promotion, and/or providing sessions and speakers for introductory and experience sharing events.  Through sponsorship these can be either overtly associated with a brand, or promoted as generator industry focused events.
  • Targeted sessions and workshops
    Events for individual organisations or groups of interest. To provide an introduction to the benefits of new techniques and technologies applicable for the identification of, and ways to realise, value within current and future data.
  • Executive demystification
    Executives and decision makers need to be kept up to speed on how evolving data associated technologies can deliver benefits relevant to their organisation’s use, publication, sharing, and consumption of data.  We can provide executive support for this as sessions, either on a one-to-one basis or, as briefing events and or reports.
  • Industry/Technology monitoring
    By monitoring the Data Liberate Blog (RSS Feed) and @dataliberate on Twitter you will keep abreast of data relevant initiatives.

Evaluation of potential

  • Investigation within an organisation, industry sector or grouping, of current datasets their use and potential for adding value.  Provision of reports and recommendations.
  • Organising and running evaluation workshops of interested parties within an organisation.  Producing reports and/or recommendations for potential projects, initiatives and approaches.
  • Evaluation of competitive data initiatives both generally and in your sector and their relevance to your organisation.

Execution and project support

  • Initial induction and training for individuals and teams.
  • Help with project shape, description, and realistic goal setting.
  • Continued monitoring, evaluation, of direction, progress and success.
  • Mentoring and validation support.  Often referred to as helping to keep the team and their work on track and faithful to the goals of adopting new techniques and technologies.
  • Full evaluation project identification and coordination taking in all steps from evangelising initial possibilities, and engaging with your domain experts through to completion, and promotion to a wider audience.

Executive support

  • Providing an ‘in simple terms’ advisor channel between technically focused teams and their executive team.
  • Providing a buzzword stripped channel of information and advice to your executive team on your initiatives and/or developments in the wider market and on the Web.


  • Help in promoting an organisation’s initiatives in the field of gaining value from data that they consume, aggregate, and/or publish.
  • Providing the support for promoting an organisation’s first-mover or maker-leading initiatives to make more of data in their space.
  • Providing support for initiatives to attract developers and potential consumers to the the publication of services and data.  Sponsored speaking engagements, roadshows, workshops, podcasting, screen casting, blogging, articles in industry focussed press, are examples of this.

The above services are some examples of what could be appropriate for you and your organisation.

Contact us to discuss how Data Liberate can help you.