Data Liberate Founder Richard Wallis

RJW Cropped Podium Richard established Data Liberate having been with the UK’s leading Linked Data and Semantic Web technology company, Talis, for over twenty years. This coupled with his passion for and engagement with new and emerging technology trends, gives him a unique perspective of the issues challenging information professionals today.

Since April 2012 he has been with the global library cooperative OCLC as Technology Evangelist, promoting and demystifying the benefits of Linked Data inside and outside of the organisation, to the broader library, Web and Semantic Web communities.

Richard is Chair of the W3C Schema Bib Extend Community Group, a broad coalition of interested parties focused on extending, for the benefit of bibliographic resources, the vocabulary for structured data on the web.

As Technology Evangelist and Consultant he is at the forefront in promoting, explaining, and applying new and emerging Web and Semantic Web technologies in the wider information domain.  Richard is well known on the conference platform in the Semantic Web, Library, and Information Management sectors.  He is an active blogger and regular podcaster.

Richard’s career has spanned many years and most aspects of computing, the Internet, and the Web.  From early, pre-microprocessor, hardware through to enterprise solutions, and on to the Web of Data, he has always been at the forefront of emerging technologies and passionate about making their introduction understandable to the real world.

Through his initial work with Talis he gained a great insight into the data-rich world of libraries which exhibit the twin challenges, of information curation and open access to researchers and the public, that are high in the concerns of those wishing to open up their data today.  Having been engaged with some of the earliest Semantic Web and Linked Data technology adoption and promotion, he has practical experience of the benefits and issues in applying them to those challenges.

rjw caricature smallRichard’s approach, as a compelling entertaining conference speaker, blogger, and independent consultant, is to make new, and superficially complex, techniques and technology understandable and relevant to those that can benefit from their adoption.  Richard’s demonstrates a realism that technology is not an end in itself but an enabler for business, commercial, personal, social, and/or cultural benefit.  He lowers the barriers to understanding for those new to topics such as Open Data, Linked Data, Linked Open Data, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

Follow Richard on the Data Liberate Blog, as @rjw on Twitter, in LinkedIn, catch up with his presentations on SlideShare, or contact us for a conversation.

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