Paul Miller, Cloud of Data Today I share a conversation with my good friend and former colleague Paul Miller of Cloud of Data.

Paul is a prolific podcaster, but had yet to venture in to the world of the video conversation.  This conversation was therefore a bit of an experiment.  Take a look below and see what you think.   For those that prefer audio only, Paul has helpfully included an mp3 for you to listen to. At the end of this post you will also find a link to a short survey which has posted to ascertain how successful this format.

In the conversation itself Paul asks me to describe the reasoning behind Data Liberate and how I intend to help people and organisations realise the value in their data.  He also explores some of the thoughts underpinning my up coming presentation, at the Semantic Tech & Business Conference Berlin, The Simple Power of the Link.  A topic I covered in more detail on my recent post on

Audio only:

Here are a few comments about the process from Paul and a link to the survey:

It’s perhaps unfair to draw too many conclusions from this first attempt, but a few things are immediately apparent. The whole process takes an awful lot longer. The files are larger, so processing and uploading times increase 2-3 fold. Uploading a separate audio file also takes a bit of time. Simply dumping the Skype recording into iMovie worked just fine… but I’ve (so far) not managed to find any way to balance the audio levels. Garagebandlets me do this with my audio-only podcasts, but iMovie doesn’t seem to, so Richard’s side of the conversation comes across as quite a bit louder than mine.

Having done one, I’m still not convinced that the video adds anything to the conversation. But what do you think? If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, please take a moment to complete the short survey over at SurveyMonkey. Your responses will help me to decide where to go next

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A New Beginning

It is great to launch a new venture, and I am looking forward to launching this one – Data Liberate.

Having said that, there is much continuity in this step.  Those that know me from the conference circuit, my work with the Talis Group and more recently with Talis Consulting, will recognise much  in the core of what Data Liberate has to offer.

What will I be doing at Data Liberate?  The simple answer is much of the same, but with a wider audience & client base and less restricted to specifically Linked Data and Semantic Web techniques and technologies.   Extracting value from data, financial or otherwise, is at the core of the next the next big wave of innovation on the web.   The Web has become central to what we all do commercially, corporately, socially and as individuals.  This, data driven, next wave of innovation will therefore influence, and potentially benefit, us all.

As with all ‘new waves of innovation’ there is much technological gobbledegook, buzzwords and marketing hype surrounding it.  My driving focus for many years has been to make new stuff understandable to those that can benefit.  A focus I intend to continue and increase over the coming months and years.  This is not just a one way process.  Experience has shown me that those with the technology are often not very adept at promoting it’s value to others in terms that they can connect with.  I therefore intend to spend some of my efforts with these technology providers, helping them get their message over for the benefit of all.

Trawling the blogosphere you will find proponents of Open Data, Big Data, Linked Data, Linked Open Data, Enterprise Data and Cloud Computing.  All trying to convince us that their core technology is the key to the future.  As with anything the future, for extracting and benefiting from the value within data, is a mixture of most if not all of the above.   Hence Data Liberate’s focus is on Data in all it’s forms.

Contact me if you want to talk through what Data Liberate will be doing and how we can help you.

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