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I find myself in New York for the day on my way back from the excellent Smart Data 2015 Conference in San Jose. It’s a long story about red-eye flights and significant weekend savings which I won’t bore you with, but it did result in some great chill-out time in Central Park to reflect on the week.

In its long auspicious history the SemTech, Semantic Tech & Business, and now Smart Data Conference has always attracted a good cross section of the best and brightest in Semantic Web, Linked Data, Web, and associated worlds. This year was no different. In my new role as an independent working with OCLC and at Google.

I was there on behalf of OCLC to review significant developments with in general – now with 640 Types (Classes) & 988 properties – used on over 10 Million web sites. More…

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The role of Role in

This post is about an unusual, but very useful, aspect of the vocabulary — the Role type. More…

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Google Sunsets Freebase – Good News For Wikidata?

Google announced yesterday that it is the end of the line for Freebase – will this be good for Wikidata? More…

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One of the most challenging challenges in my evangelism of the benefits of using for sharing data about resources via the web is that it is difficult to ‘show’ what is going on. The scenario goes something like this….. … More…

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From Records to a Web of Library Data – Pt3 Beacons of Availability

As is often the way, you start a post without realising that it is part of a series of posts – as with the first in this series.  That one – Entification, the following one – Hubs of Authority and … More…

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OCLC WorldCat Linked Data Release – Significant In Many Ways

Typical!  Since joining OCLC as Technology Evangelist, I have been preparing myself to be one of the first to blog about the release of linked data describing the hundreds of millions of bibliographic items in So where am I … More…

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Who Will Be Mostly Right – Wikidata,

Two, on the surface, totally unconnected posts – yet the the same message. Well that’s how they seem to me anyway.

Post 1 – The Problem With Wikidata from Mark Graham writing in the Atlantic. Post 2 – Danbri has moved on – should we follow? by a former colleague Phil Archer. More…

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Google SEO RDFa and Semantic Search

Today’s Wall Street Journal gives us an insight in to the makeover underway in the Google search department. Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will … More…

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